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FIRST DAY, Tuesday, November 30:

8:00 First session, opportunities in Brazil

Pedro Bruno, Superintendent Of Government And Institutional Relations, Brazilian Development Bank - BNDES

Wesley Callegari Cardia, Secretary of Promotion and Support for Partnerships of Federative Entities, Secretariat for Investments Partnerships Program

8:45 Q&A

9:00 Break

9:10 Second session, the role of the private sector in the development of the healthcare sector (part 1)

Arturo Inda, Operations Manager, GE Healthcare

Wilmar Ortiz Cardenas, Business Unit Manager, MubiMedical

Gonzalo Folgueira López, Sales Manager, CarttecLab

Malena Aquino, Senior Lab Planner - Principal, Page Southerland Page, Inc.

José Manuel Mora, Associate Principal - Page Mexico, Page Southerland Page, Inc.

10:30 Q&A

10:45 Break

11:05 Third session, Peru opportunities

Raúl Fernandez, Central Manager for Promotion and Management of Investment Contracts, ESSALUD

Rafael Ugaz, Executive Director, ProInversion

12:10 Q&A

12:25 Break

12:45 Fourth session, new projects in Ecuador

Pavlov Cáceres, National Director of Sanitary Infrastructure, Ministry of Public Health

13:30 Q&A

SECOND DAY, Wednesday, December 1:

8:00 Fifth session, future of healthcare infrastructure sector in Colombia

Alejandro Gómez López, District Secretary of Health, Mayor's Office of Bogotá

Katherin Sandoval, Director of the Private Participation Program in Infrastructure, National Planning Department

8:45 Q&A

9:00 Break

9:10 Sixth session, the role of the private sector in the development of the healthcare sector (part 2)

Camilo Sánchez, Applications Engineer, Genetec

Rubén Soriano, Managing Director, SIAC - Soluciones Integrales de Accesos

Álvaro Garrido, Public Tenders Technician, SIAC - Soluciones Integrales de Accesos

Wilhelm Dalaison, Social Infrastructure Specialist, IDB - Inter-American Development Bank

Alberto Losada, Senior Investment Officer, IFC - International Finance Corporation

10:30 Q&A

10:45 Break

11:05 Seventh session, investment opportunities in Costa Rica and Guatemala 

Jorge Granados Soto, Infrastructure and Technologies Manager, Costa Rica Social Security

Santiago Urbizo, Planning and Development Deputy Manager, Guatemalan Social Security Institute

12:10 Q&A

12:25 Break

12:45 Eight session, new projects in Mexico

Juan Manuel Delgado, Head of the Infrastructure Unit, Mexican Institute of Social Security

13:30 Q&A

THIRD DAY, Thursday December 2, one to one meetings between public sector representatives, private companies and investors (delegate, silver and gold options)

The forum will include presentations by senior government officials and private companies, it will also offer the opportunity to:

  • Understand plans in the region for healthcare infrastructure projects
  • Meet with government officials
  • Obtain clear views about the contracting process and planning
  • Private sector experiences, lessons learned
  • Financing and investment in projects

In addition, the summit will include individual private meetings organized according to the objectives and priorities of the participants:

  • Our team will organize one to one meetings
  • Attendees can plan in advance who they would like to meet based on their goals and priorities
  • Participation with senior government officials in pre-scheduled meetings
  • Discuss business and partnership opportunities