Online broadcast between 8:00 and 14:00 Colombia time by

FIRST DAY, Tuesday, August 3:

8:00 Welcome remarks, Jorge Durán, Chief of the CIP Secretariat, Inter-American Committee on Ports

8:15 First session, port development in Colombia

Olga Lucía Ramírez Duarte, Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Ministry of Transport

8:55 Q&A

9:05 Break

9:20 Second session, the role of the private sector in the development of the ports sector (part 1)

Ricardo Flores Scheufler, Sr. Manager in Infrastructure and Capital Projects at Deloitte Spanish LATAM

Juan José Preciado, President, Regional Investment Consulting S.A.

10:30 Q&A

10:45 Break

11:05 Third session, Chile and Ecuador investment opportunities

Gloria Hutt Hesse, Minister, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications - Chile

Alexis Michea, Chief Coordinator Logistics Development Program, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications - Chile 

Alexandra Villacís Parada, Undersecretary of Ports and Maritime and River Transport, Ministry of Transport and Public Works - Ecuador

12:10 Q&A

12:25 Break

12:45 Fourth session, investment opportunities in Costa Rica and Panama

Flor Pitty, Director of Ports and Auxiliary Marine Industries, Panama Maritime Authority (AMP)

Andrea Centeno Rodriguez, Executive President, JAPDEVA Board of Directors. Port and Economic Development of the Atlantic Slope - Costa Rica

13:30 Q&A

SECOND DAY, Wednesday, August 4:

8:00 Fifth session, future of ports sector in Mexico

Admiral Jorge Luis Cruz Ballado, General Director, Integral Port Administration of Lázaro Cárdenas

Admiral Romel Eduardo Ledezma, General Director, Integral Port Administration of Veracruz

8:45 Q&A

9:00 Break

9:20 Sixth session, the role of the private sector in the development of the ports sector (part 2)

Jean-Michel Garcia, Chief Executive Officer, SOMAGEC Paraguay

Daniel González, Representative Colombia – STC International

Manuel Martinez, Project Manager – STC-NESTRA / STC International

10:40 Q&A

10:55 Break

11:05 Seventh session, investment opportunities in Brazil

Ana Luiza Becker Salles, Director, Special Secretariat of The Investment Partnership Program (SPPI)

Disney Neto , General Coordinator of Port Lease Modelling, National Secretariat of Ports and Waterway Transport

12:10 Q&A

12:25 Break

12:45  Eighth session, priorities in ports projects in Argentina

Jose Beni, Controller, General Administration of Ports

13:30 Q&A

THIRD DAY, Thursday August 5, one to one meetings between public sector representatives, private companies and investors

The forum will include presentations by senior government officials and private companies, it will also offer the opportunity to:

  • Understand plans in the region for ports projects
  • Meet with government officials
  • Obtain clear views about the contracting process and planning
  • Private sector experiences, lessons learned
  • Financing and investment in projects

In addition, the summit will include individual private meetings organized according to the objectives and priorities of the participants:

  • Our team will organize one to one meetings
  • Attendees can plan in advance who they would like to meet based on their goals and priorities
  • Participation with senior government officials in pre-scheduled meetings
  • Discuss business and partnership opportunities